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 General Membership

​ Houston County Rescue membership is open to anyone 18 years of age or older.

​ No special training is required for general membership. However, certification

 and/or training is required for some special activities. There are no membership

 dues, but members must purchase their uniforms.

 We meet on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30. Meetings are at HCRU

 headquarters, 1234 Enon Road in Webb, Alabama 

 Dive Team

​ Dive Team (divers) membership requires a SCUBA certification form a nationally

​ recognized SCUBA training agency. Basic (Open Water Diver) diver certification

​ is the minimum certification level to dive with HCRU. Advanced diver level or higher

​ is preferred for most diving situations. Dive team divers must provide their own

​ basic SCUBA equipment. Dive Team support membership does not require that

​ you be a diver. HCRU has several Full-Face Masks for Dive Team divers.

 Swift Water Team

​ There is no special certification required for the Swift Water Rescue team, but

​ Team training and special equipment is required to participate in operations.

​ Specific specialty (helmet an PFD) is to be provided by the individual member.

​ Vehicle Operation

​ A valid driver license is required to operate any HCRU land vehicle. A valid

​ Alabama class V Vessel (boat) certification (or equivalent) is required to

​ operate any HCRU water craft.