Land Resources

The Houston County Rescue Unit members are trained and equipped for missing

​ persons on land. We have generators, portable lights and chain saws to use during

​ tornadoes and hurricanes. HCRU has two agency owned and fully equipped   

 emergency response vehicles.

 ​Water Resources

Dive Team

 Houston County Rescue has highly qualified dive team. Our divers range from

​ Master Scuba Diver Trainers to Advanced Open Water Diver certifications. We

​ have three SCUBA Instructors trained in highly advanced diving skills. All dive

​ team members are trained in advanced underwater search techniques.

 Our dive team is equipped with full-face masks underwater communications.

 HCRU has underwater metal detectors for underwater searches.                           

 Swift Water Rescue

 Houston County Rescue has a swift water response team. We have equipment and

 personnel to respond during flooded water situations. Many of our members have

 in swift water response techniques.




 Water Rescue Fleet

HCRU has two agency owned response boats. Rescue One - is our main dive

​ boat. Rescue Two - is our deep hull dive boat. Both are equipped with side

 scan sonar.



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What's New?

March 2, 2018

Boat Rescue 2 has a new motor  thanks to donations and Boyd's Marine