​​Houston County Rescue specializes in public safety diving. Our dive team members ​are highly trained in emergency rescue diving techniques. Team members are all certified scuba divers ranging from basic diver to highly trained specialty scuba instructors. ​The HCRU Dive Team utilizes a high quality full face mask and underwater communications system. ​We can provide certified divers who have no emergency diver training with training in public safety diving techniques. Houston County Rescue has highly qualified dive team. Our divers range from​ Master Scuba Diver Trainers to Advanced Open Water Diver certifications. Our dive team is equipped with full-face masks underwater communications. HCRU has underwater metal detectors for underwater  searches.  HCRU has two agency owned response boats. Rescue One is our main dive​ boat. Rescue Two is our deep hull dive  boat. Both are equipped with side scan sonar. 


Our swift water team provides emergency rescue of persons during flooded or moving water situations. Many of our members are trained in the highly specialized techniques of responding to individuals trapped in a rapidly moving or flooded water environment. Members of this team are made up of certified divers and non-divers. You do not have to be a diver to be on this team. 


​​All HCRU members are trained in water search techniques. We provide water search and rescue for missing and overdue boaters, or flooded water situations and missing swimmers. ​The Water Rescue Team is made up of boat operators, sonar operators, and divers. Houston County Rescue has two specially equipped boats for water searches. Both boats are equipped with an underwater sonar system allowing for a detailed search for submerged objects.

​Land Rescue Team

All HCRU members are trained in land search techniques. Houston County Rescue conducts land search missions for lost persons, disaster assistance caused by tornadoes and hurricanes. The Houston County Rescue Unit members are trained and equipped for missing​ persons on land. We have generators, portable  lights and chain saws to use during​ tornadoes and hurricanes. HCRU has two agency owned and fully equipped emergency response vehicles. 

​​operations Support Team

HCRU accepts individuals 18 years of age and older. Persons who wish to serve the community but may not be able of participate in all specialty teams are WELCOME​!!