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Underwater Recovery

The Houston County Rescue Unit (HCRU) specializes in advanced public safety diving services. Our team comprises extensively trained professionals proficient in emergency search and rescue diving methodologies. Each member holds SCUBA certifications, ranging from rescue diver to specialized SCUBA instructor, ensuring a diverse skill set within our ranks.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including high-quality full-face masks, underwater communications systems, and advanced SONAR capabilities, the HCRU Dive Team executes rescue and recovery operations with precision and efficiency. Our certified public safety divers possess comprehensive training across multiple diving disciplines, ensuring readiness for any underwater emergency scenario.

HCRU maintains two agency-owned response boats to facilitate swift and effective operations. Rescue One serves as our primary dive vessel, while Rescue Two, our deep hull dive boat, enhances our capabilities for deeper dives. Both boats are outfitted with side scan sonar technology, further augmenting our search and recovery efforts.


Land Search and Rescue

All members of the Houston County Rescue Unit (HCRU) undergo rigorous training in land search techniques. Our organization is proficient in conducting land search missions to locate lost individuals and provide disaster assistance in the aftermath of tornadoes and hurricanes. Equipped and trained for terrestrial operations, HCRU members possess essential tools such as generators, portable lights, and chain saws to aid in response efforts during these natural disasters. Additionally, HCRU maintains two agency-owned emergency response vehicles that are fully equipped to support our operations effectively.

Swift Water Rescue 

All members of the Houston County Rescue Unit (HCRU) undergo comprehensive training in water search techniques. We specialize in providing water search and rescue operations for various scenarios, including locating missing or overdue boaters, responding to flooded water situations, and rescuing missing swimmers. Our swift water team is expertly trained to perform emergency rescues in flooded or swiftly moving water environments.

Within this team, many members possess highly specialized skills for responding to individuals trapped in rapidly moving or flooded water scenarios. This team comprises certified divers and non-divers alike, emphasizing that diver certification is not a prerequisite for participation. HCRU ensures that all members are equipped with the necessary expertise to effectively respond to water-related emergencies.


Operations Support Team

The Operations Support Team at the Houston County Rescue Unit (HCRU) plays a crucial role in our mission to serve the community. We welcome individuals aged 18 years and older who are eager to contribute to public safety efforts but may not be able to participate in all specialty teams. The Operations Support Team provides vital assistance and support across various aspects of our operations, ensuring smooth and efficient functioning of our rescue missions. Whether it's logistical support, administrative tasks, or providing assistance during emergencies, every member of our Operations Support Team makes a valuable contribution to our overarching mission of serving the community. We embrace diversity and inclusivity, recognizing that every individual has something valuable to offer in our collective efforts to keep our community safe.

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